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The Perseverance Project, Inc. is a community nonprofit organization that works to reduce the number of youth and young adults, ages 13-25, who have made contact with the justice system.


In an effort to decrease recidivism and increase the restoration in our communities, The Perseverance Project, Inc. provides individuals who are and have been in contact with the justice system with the opportuntity to develop, contribute and become assets to the communities in which they belong. Our goal is to promote and provide community-based opportunities that align with both juvenile and criminal justice reform initiatives in order to minimize and eliminate foreseeable barriers that may be endured within this forgotten population.

In an effort to provide a successful continuum of care, our services include: Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Education/Prevention, Workforce Development, Youth Development  and Advocacy. We work to ensure that our clients persevere despite the obstacles they have faced on their path to a successful and productive adulthood. 


Education Enrichment/Learning Support


We seek to establish partnerships with schools, courts, law enforcement and community stakeholders to meet the unique needs of the population served.

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