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Our programs implement the evidence-based curriculum to educate with purpose.


With a combination of over sixty years of experience in Juvenile Justice, Adult re-entry, Mental Health, Community Health, and Diversion, the team here at The Perseverance Project Inc. are here to serve the community. With an effort to support the forgotten population, TPP vows to give a fair opportunity to anyone willing to change their life. 

Youth Programs.

Our youth programs provide mental health counseling, educational support, workforce development training, and awareness on how to break through cycles of poverty, violence, and abuse.

Adult Programs.

Our adult program is a hands-on, involved program that focuses on the importance of positive reentry, getting back on your feet after incarceration, job and workforce development training to lead a financially stable future, find healthy housing, and cope with mental health and overcome historic cycles of trauma and abuse.


Our programs are important because they help to elevate residents who are disproportionately affected by joblessness, mental illness, violence, abuse, trauma, and forgottenness due to their past mistakes. We are also focused on improving awareness surrounding the positive development of recently released and previously incarcerated individuals through our programs, and the need for additional community resources and support to continue promoting positive reentry back into the community and reduce the rate of recidivism by giving individuals a chance to success.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our workspace is entirely remote but fully functional. The participants in our program have access to virtual conferences that are interactive and give us the ability to communicate face to face. Our virtual, online program also offers individuals with transportation barriers the opportunity to elevate their future and participate from a home location or other workspace, increasing retention.


Continue Changing Lives in Our Community Through Generosity

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