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I Have Been Given a Second Chance in Life.

How The Perseverance Project, Inc. is giving youth and young adults in our community who have been recently incarcerated a second chance at life.

“There were years where I felt like my life was going nowhere. I woke up and didn't have a goal or vision in my mind. I thought my only option was to be violent. In my short time with The Perseverance Project, I now know that there's so many options for me. I have a family and support now. I have people behind me until the end. I need more of my people to be a part of this.” - J.C.

Two weeks into our inaugural cohort and this is the impact of a young gentleman who struggled to persevere through this past and reach the success of his future. The Perseverance Project is humbled that our effort to increase community programs to reduce recidivism is not only working, but impactful enough for youth and young people to seek out our program, put in the effort that it takes to change their life, and go on to become a volunteer in our community and lead a better life.

How can you volunteer?

The Perseverance Project is always looking for volunteer, donations, and support from our community to continue changing the lives of youth and young adults' reenter safely back into our community. Contact us today to see how your history and professional experience (or passion) can help us make a difference in the lives of others and protect the future of our children from similar violence!

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